Who spends the summer


Who spends the summer laid out, eyes tight shut
In the sun
Catching the rays and making them stay
Not being warmed, just making cold judgement
On other bodies

The sun doesn’t mind, nor the elusive rain.
Who soaks up
Every minute of the flight and duty free
Allowances are made for cold, white teeth
Unhealthy smiles

Who sees the sunlight searching out an end
Its last rest
Stretching across planets, treating them the same
Loving them equally who does that though?
Same again please

In the rare and scary moments of quiet
Who drinks more
Makes devastating digital murmurs
Tanned polemics, characterless
Unobserved and thin

There will never be winter again so
Who can chill
And long for that icy cool detachment
With a sexy margarita
Summer sounds of self

Who really wants to rest, and rejoicing
In gentleness
Walk with a friend, companion, a love
In every different season
Just not right now?

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