The House Where We Live – Chaos

Being on the other side of the world would be an ideal time to have all the rotting timbers, weevil infestation and other work done on the house we thought.

Use a well respected firm we thought.

Come back and it’ll be all done, we thought.


Both ends of the downstairs need to be replaced. We no longer have a front door threshold. The tiles have fallen from the buckled wall. Sabines cleaned and varnished hallway original floorboards are plaster spattered after all the sanding and varnishing she did and…

Zeno of Citium
Zeno of Citium

…they plastered our TV connection into the wall, as in behind it, as in we no longer have one.

Still, we have our health. And booze. And a make good meeting on Wednesday, which will be nice.

So it goes.

(I’ve just realised what a privileged, middle class whine this could be seen as)

So it goes.

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