The Disability Song List

Gene Vincent - Polio and Power
Gene Vincent – Polio and Power
I’ve was nominated by a German friend for something called the ‘7/7 challenge’. For seven days I needed to choose seven tracks to represent seven words or phrases or places, the nominate someone else. On day three I chose Disability.

Disability – a subject close to my heart – has some cracking songs. I was going to be with Black Sabbath’s NI.B. due to Tommy Iommi’s finger but I went with Mark Goffeney instead. I would also recommend listening to Dennis Queen’s “Tragic but Brave” from start to finish. It’s great.

Day 3 – Disability

1 Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula

2 Ian Drury Sweet Gene Vincent

3 Devo Mongoloid

5 New Order Shellshock

6 Johnny Crescendo I Love My Body

7 Mark Goffeney We Are The Same Fighting

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