Ghost Story

Talking to my aunt Juney on the phone earlier. She’s my favourite aunt.

She’s old. She’s had an interesting life. She’s done some bad things. She was worried about ghosts.

“Ghosts don’t exist, don’t fret, aunty J”

“Tim?”, she said.… Read the rest

Secret Sam


Samuel plays closely with himself, away from his parents who are arguing about money again. He plays soldiers, he is both sides, he wants both sides to win, he wants both sides to lose. He has no sisters or brothers, Read the rest

The Youngster Came Around

England in Autumn 02The youngster came home last night with beer. He had quite substantial amounts of beer in a large crate. He’d been to the supermarket. He’d forgotten to bother purchasing the necessaries for a family weekend in with his ‘partner’.

She Read the rest