Novel Snippet Number 3

Here’s the third snippet from the first draft of the new novel. I intend to get this book done, dusted and published by the middle of 2017. The book is set in a seaside city in England in the mid-70s. It features a gang of small time, small thinking men with one, very big thinking woman. Here we see the start of plans clashing.

The Loose Lads are up to celebrate Jimmy and Jenny’s fourth anniversary, the Linen anniversary, shroud material, down at The Happy Pea on the prom. The summer has been a dowdy one with July wet but not as wet as June the wettest for more than a century. This had kept the punters away from the coast, they’d been flying off on package holidays to Spain and Greece, getting pissed up and still yearning for the sort of food they could have scoffed at The Happy Pea. Cod and chips and steak and chips and pie and chips and skate and chips and plaice and chips and nice calm curry and a stew with mash and ice cream and steak and kidney pud with suet and lovely.

Jimmy and Jenny also want to discuss some new thinking with the rest of the mob. Jenny has noted the fungal growth of heroin addicts on the benches and pebbles of the beach. She knows that her boys are not selling the stuff, they stick with cheap yellow sulphate and maybe a bit of weed. They have a regular customer base because there are students and bikers, there are also two working theatres with working theatre people. Trade ticks over, with the local Coppery happy enough to take a Drink and concentrate on bigger players. Jenny has convinced Jim that the best way to make the most of this emerging market is to tax the dealers. This will raise cash and enable them to move away from the pebbled beach, the pebble-dashed houses, the godforsaken Guild Hall and the shitty, shitty, shitty pub and club and the idiot Loose Lads. Jenny has plans.