My Music – and Plok the Exploding Man

Due to the good offices and marvellous talents of Ste Pickford of the Pickford Brothers fame, a piece of music that I’ve made is being featured as the soundtrack to the ‘Making Of’ video that you can see below. I am rather chuffed. The track is called Svalop. You can see more of my music by clicking here.

Once upon a time I worked as a video games journalist – that was from 1988 until 2014 with a few notable breaks. Over that time I played quite a few video games (1,000s bloody 1000,s of them). Most of them have escaped my memory to run free in The Lovely Land of The Lost.

However*, one that hasn’t is Magnetic Billiards by the Pickford Brothers. Older readers – readers over the age of 30 probably, rather than readers who’ve** been reading this blog for longer than a week – will know Ste and John from Nintendo games such as, well, Plok. Well, Plok is now a comic, and Ste inks it regularly live on Periscope before putting a speeded up version on Youtube. This week, I offered up a soundtrack and he accepted.


* That’s for you Mr Gove.
** That’s for you too Mr Gove.

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