Leaving On Empty

Packing toys and terrible things

Into thin black plastic bags.

Throwing them into the sea of bins

A lifetime moved on

Ready to be emptied on Tuesday. 

Without her.


On to something else.

Something older.


The things that made up the first half

Are distracting from the next.

They made crazy revelations

That never became epiphany 

Everything just stopped

Everything is stuck

In super-black bins



Onto something new

Something familiar.


Which clothes to keep to smell later?

The jacket she came home in?

The T-shirt from the show we saw?

What things to keep?

The book with her voice in?

Her painted paper?

Nothing at all but thought and love?

But the plane is taking off one-way

But the family that isn’t.


Onto somewhere colder

Something jollier.


Throw away everything, all of it

There’s always something under the skin

That will travel, unable to sleep

Like a child in economy trying to play

For attention across the aisle

Until their mother holds them tight.


Onto somewhere lonely

Somewhere welcoming