Journalist, Interviewer, Editor for Hire

My name is Tim Smith. I have 30 years experience in journalism and editing in magazines and books. I can work in traditional print media also digital and online with equal confidence, timeliness and budgetary common sense.

As well as this website, I also run two podcasts that involve interviewing, active listening, and also achieving interesting content from my guests while ensuring that they are comfortable and in an open and friendly environment.

The Podcast About Mistakes - Series 1 Guest List
The Podcast About Mistakes – Series 1 Guest List

Don’t Do Things the Way I Do – The Podcast About Mistakes (Link here to Series 1

Yeast of Eden – A Podcast about Bread and Being Happy (Link here

I am skilled in all major Office applications but also in audio and video editing. 

I am a trained TV captioner. 

I am technologically savvy so I can respond to your needs in the most efficient way possible. 

I write fiction for this website but professionally I write on time, on budget and to your brief. 

Whether you want a seasoned interviewer (and transcriber), a stand-in proof reader, a commercial writer, or a news journalist I am ready.

I am comfortable writing across a range of media and formats from a company profile for your business selling high quality bricks, to a quick news story about the Council’s latest dodgy investment.

I have written about:

  • Current Affairs
  • Information Management
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Sport (Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Boxing)
  • Computer Tech
  • Videogames

I have Worked with major companies including:

  • Future Publishing Ltd (FutureNet)
  • Carlton Books Ltd
  • Dennis Publishing
  • Next Media (Sydney, Australia)
  • Dempsey Parr
  • Knapp Communications, Sydney, Australia
  • The Western Daily Press
  • SBS Television (Australia)
  • Channel 10 (Australia)
  • ABC TV (Australia)
  • IBM (Australia)
  • Sony (Europe)



I am 55 year old and bursting with experience and energy.

Employ me now. Use the contact form below.


Tim Smith