Relative Cyborg Hell

Cyborg Granny
Cyborg Granny

An oldie but a goodie as cyborg Granny comes around to ‘play’ with the kids. Some people do see this as the future of family life. These people work in marketing and monetisation.

This video describes a perfect situation for the entire family:

  • Mum and Dad – probably divorced and sharing the kids in this sanitised home designed by Aldous Huxley – can convince themselves that the tots are being looked after by Granny.
  • Granny is convinced that she is interacting with the kids, despite the fact that she’s quite capable of actually going to visit them. Also, this way she gets out of having to pay that money out at the end of her ‘visit’.
  • The kids have no actual adult to deal with as they create death weapons from kitchen stock and then head upstairs where Cyborg Granny can never go.

Enjoy the video!