Found Audio


Over the years I’ve sat on quite a few trains, in more than enough pubs and bars and in several airports. Usually I read or write or try and listen to music. Sometimes all of these activities become too difficult because other passengers are chatting away. So, why not turn these interruptions into activities too?

So, sometimes I flick on the audio recorder and – like Moondog before me – I record the anonymous, random sounds and chatter that is busting my concentration. Sometimes this is added into later audio projects. Sometimes the words or images or rhythms are extracted for written work. Sometimes nothing happens but I feel better.

I’ve created a playlist that you can hear (when it loads, after the More if you’re on the home page, my server is slow). It contains some of the sounds from years gone by. They include young soldiers, a drunk, the Minster bells, and one sound that I have no idea where it came from but it sounds painful. You can use them too, but I would like a credit. Also, if you’d like to add sounds – totally anonymised please, no names or locations – check the contact details at the bottom.

(You can also donate to me if you use a sound, you don’t have to though).

If you would like to contact me about any of the content of this post or the site in general and if you have any examples of Political Spin, please email via this link here thank you.