Star Wars Toys Spending? Invest for the Future

Huge Oranges!
Huge Oranges!

Star Wars merch is going on sale all over the world in the lead up to the release of The Force Awakens, the next episode (or first one, who knows?) in the massively successful Saturday morning, B-Movie franchise. But how much are these beloved merch? And how could you save money on your buying decision? Easy…

Star Wars is, to most people, a lovely bit of fun. I first saw one in 1977 when I was 14 and adults were dragging me along to see it in Southampton and elsewhere in the south. I thought it was fab. They loved the disco song that had heralded its launch.

So, now it’s time for the new disco song… sorry, valuable piece of merchandise including the almost orange dwarfing BB-8 droid that moves about a bit if you also own an Android or IOS device. The BB-8 will set you back1:

  • The Disney Store — £129.95
  • Firebox — £129.99
  • Amazon — £129.99
  • MenKind — £129.99
  • IWOOT — £129.99
  • Zavvi — £129.99 (use WELCOME to bring price down to £116.99 if it’s your first order)

Yes, you can spend upwards of £120. Or not. Awesome! Think how much the toy will be worth in 50 years time if you’ve never removed it from its packaging! Awesomer! But why spend £129 on a droid toy!? There is not reason!

Yes, if you over the age of 10…

Then click this link here for extra long term value appreciation… honest!2

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1Prices via engadget’s advertorial, whoops, article: ‘Where to buy Sphero’s BB-8 ‘Star Wars’ toy in the UK
2For “honest” see “honestly, spending £129 on a plastic toy when you could do this?!”

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