A heavenly dish in a hellish decade

English person I knew… in the world. We also called avocados, ‘avocado pears’, the Labour Party was ‘electable’, The Children’s Film Foundation was ‘The British Film Industry’ and Punk Rock was ‘genuinely shocking and subversive and not mostly full of small ‘c’ conservatives who would later live in abject terror of any change whatsoever’.

Quick and Easy Kimchi

OK, so this is for Covid-times but it stands up for all times: go with what you’ve got or what you can get for flavour. I’m not giving amounts because this will depend on the amount of veg you’re using.

How to Make Risotto

This recipe was taught to me when I lived in Leichhardt in Sydney. It’s a risotto-base to which you can add whatever ingredients you like at the end. There are many risotto recipes, this is mine.