Ghost Story

Talking to my aunt Juney on the phone earlier. She’s my favourite aunt.

She’s old. She’s had an interesting life. She’s done some bad things. She was worried about ghosts.

“Ghosts don’t exist, don’t fret, aunty J”

“Tim?”, she said.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Girl Calls in a Favour

Daddy’s Girl Calls in a Favour

Feb 10th

Janette walked in the kitchen. She walked and walked. She walked around the kitchen looking for beer. Her kitchen as was. Changes had been made, she had to admit that they were all good changes too. That admission

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The Day Goes On

Some bare tree branches in the evening.

He imagined he was Christ, he wasn’t Christ but he imagined he was Christ because being Christ was a great deal more interesting than being Jonathan Craig Brewster Baynes of Whitchurch Avenue. Jon wasn’t mad, he was simply bored. Very, Read the rest