How to Make Sport Interesting

You don’t get “sports”. Who can blame you. School sports were terrifying and full of equally terrifying teachers and students. Post-school sports, for you, are dead times, moments murdered by inanity, reminders that hell is other people who insist on talking about sport. Follow this quick guide to discover how you can be in charge of the conversation with hardly any work and no real knowledge.

Fear of the Aged

I was not aware of this but six weeks is considered ‘End of Life Care’. Fair enough in most cases. So, this means that we have to move Mum from a unit that specialises in End of Life Care to a new place while I track down any confirmation that she has a secondary cancer from a system where the question, “Who has overall oversight of my mother’s care please?” is met with the answers, “Not us, she moved off our ward” or “I don’t know, I can try and find out.”