Tim Smith
Tim Smith – writer, editor, data monkey, cook

I’m Tim Smith. I’ve been a journalist, editor, reviewer, news editor, data analyst and project manager since 1988 on newspapers and magazines, both print and online. I’ve also authored several books on subjects as diverse as technology, boxing, rock music, football, and cooking.

I have worked with include:
Future Publishing
Carlton Publishing
Virgin Books
Prima Publishing
The Western Daily Press
Dennis Publishing
Dempsey Parr Books
Sydney Morning Herald
PC Active Magazine/Next Media
Northern Territory News
Camden Cooperative
West 10 Ltd
The Australian Caption Centre

I am now a freelance working from home in York with a super-fast internet connection, and time as a flexible resource. I’m more than happy to work in B2B and Trade writing. I can proof read, edit, rewrite your corporate material. I can find and write news over a wide range of topics. I’m happy to be work on data collection, collation and analysis.

Please get in touch using the contact form below.

(I’ve also been a professional chef and baker, but that’s a side issue.)



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