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ZombiesI like boingboing.net for a lunchtime read. But I’ve grown bored of the rather twee reliance on Zombies for story references. But was I wrong?

I went to find out by the simply unscientific method of carrying out an internet search using the term: ‘Zombie site:xxxx.xxx’. The results were results. I decided to check other sites out, sites that you might expect and sites that you might not (UK’s National Health Service site? Oh, yes).

So, let’s see if NHS.uk could give Zombie.com a run for its money. You’ll be SHOCKED! SURPRISED yadda yadda yadda…

What happened was that it became slightly compulsive (by which I mean it was a compulsion that I enjoyed but could stop). Comparing the use or over-use of the word ‘Zombie’ proved as more interesting to me than anything else related to that word.

Some of the sites you would expect to use lazy, sucking headlines and tedious “ain’t it cute that we don’t fear ’em” or “woah dude what iffn they were real!” don’t do it as much as other sites.

Here are some examples as of 13:50hrs Thursday June 21st 2012:

twitter.com – About 3,210,000 results
wikipedia.org – About 61,300 results
io9.com – About 29,200 results
cracked.com – About 26,700 results (Thanks Gavin)
Boingboing.net – About 19,400 results
Kotaku.com – About 19,000 results
guardian.co.uk – About 10,900 results
bbc.co.uk – About 10,500 results
nytimes.com – About 10,500 results
mcvuk.com – About 6,600 results
mumsnet.com – About 5,590 results
bleedingcool.com – About 3,750 results
allhiphop.com – About 4,150 results
comicsalliance.com – About 4,910 results
spong.com – About 2,120 results
regretsy.com – About 1,940 results
nhs.uk – About 820 results
zombie.com – About 270 results
theaveragegamer.com – About 143 results (Thanks Weefz)
Parliament.uk – About 82 results (Thanks Gavin)

So, I’d like you to help please. Simply unscientifically google ‘Zombie site:website_of_your_choice’ plus the date, and tweet me the results or even send them here in comments. We can then see just how pervasive, tedious, fun, whatever this media-friendly invention, the Zombie, is.

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