World Back in Balance as Banksy Earns Murdoch Some Ca$h

Mr Rupert Murdoch
Mr Rupert Murdoch sir.

Ah, there I was on Sunday night watching Exit Through the Gift Shop thinking to myself, “Good on you Banksy, what with your under-mining of expectations and all that good stuff.”

Then he went and undermined my expectations again. There I was yesterday with the Internet (specifically the usual Twitter fawns) scweeeming, “Oooh, Banksy has done opening credits for The Simpsons, it’s the best! I love Bansky, he’s so subversive! And The Simpsons, they’re so satirical!””

Now, I admit that most of the people I follow on Twitter are either in marketing and PR or are self-aggrandising hacks (like myself) who spend their lives scweeming with joy over such over-rated filth as Beatles Rock Band, Muse, their own friendships with each, and anything else that keeps the fear away. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised at the fact that, in order to maintain a level of wittering happy faces no one pointed out that Mr Murdoch sir makes quite a bit of cash from The Simpsons, which in turn enables funding of positive influences as Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck and The Sun. Awesome stuff.

Still and all, at least in making the titles for a tired cartoon that revels in its own self-reference, Banksy has indeed over-turned my middle class, holier than thou expectations. You win… bet you’re a Bristol City fan though.

Oh, you can find the Banksy Simpson’s thing all over the Internet, I’m not linking to it. Humbug!

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