Daily Orders – June 15th 2012


What a morning! I must realise that trying to engage with people who don’t actually understand the words that are being used leads to them letting rip.

This time, I’m attempting to make a point regarding one person’s perception of another’s action to someone who is unable to actually understand that actions and perceptions can differ.

The fact is that “action”, “thought” and “perception” are all considered to be synonyms by entire slabs, troughs, gobbets and basins of people. These meat-sacks feel that reading a dictionary or asking a question are terrifying admissions of stupidity, probable ‘gayness’ and definitely of “weakness”.

So it goes.

I have no idea why this should make me feel so incredibly sad and angry. It’s possible that I’m simply angry today, it’s Friday. I am skint. I am probably just angry at my own inadequacies, which are legion. But I am very saddened and angered by this sheer, pigheaded attitude that to not know is to be weak.

Before I leave this one though… I’ve realised why a large smear of people are so abject when they consume media that appears to think it is valid but then does this.

I quote from piece that calls itself: ‘A Frank chat with EA’s Gibeau’. It’s a pun. I get that. Frank Gibeau is “Electronic Arts Labels boss” (he is, in fact, President of EA Labels).

So, what questions are asked in order to inform the readers?

Q1) How would you best describe EA’s 2012 line-up? (trans: why is your stuff so great? It even includes the word “best” for no reason)

Q2) It’s a robust line-up and in our opinion reflective of the prominence of third-party games this year over platform holder exclusives. Do you think it’s fair to say the spotlight’s moved in 2012 to highlight publishers such as yourselves? (trans: will you keep being great? In fact, did EA write this question itself?)

Q3:EA’s current hierarchy isn’t afraid to point out how the company’s changed since the old days of being branded ‘evil EA’ by some consumers. Those fears seem to have resurfaced following your move to focus on sequels this year. Can you reassure fans you’re not returning to old ways? Yeah, I give up now.

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