Phineas Gage

Video Game Pitch: Spike Through the Brain

I work around videogames in that I write about them but as yet have never made one. Yes, I am one of those guys: a critic. So, it’s about time that I took the same road as famed music critic, Neil Tennant, and made the kind of product I comment on.

So, here’s the first of a few ideas. I’d like to thank Mr Peter Molydeux for freeing my mind up to pitch this first game. Ahem… here it comes.

Game Pitch #1 – Spike in the Brain – Platformer/Sandbox
A game based on the real world character of Phineas Gage. Our hero(ine) must seek out railway spikes to impale themself on in order to change game levels.

Find out more about Phineas Gage here.

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