Victor Jara
Chilean singer Victor Jara is seen in this undated file picture, was killed in the first few days of the dictatorship of Gen Augusto Pinochet which started in September 1973. Reuters/Victor Jara Foundation
“A few days after the other 9/11, Victor Jara, a Chilean folksinger, songwriter, actor, director, poet, political activist and teacher, was tortured and then shot to death while being held prisoner by the military.” – Who Killed Victor Jara? – Paul Cantor.

That “other 9/11” was September 11th 1973 when the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende was overthrown in a bloody, military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.

Jara wrote his last song, Estadio Chile (Chile Stadium) as he waited for torture and execution.

The video that follows is of the last song Victor Jara ever wrote.

The LA Times reported on the day that the stadium was renamed ‘The Victor Jara Stadium’:

On the morning of the coup, Jara left his wife and two daughters to go to the university, where he worked at its radio station. Army troops surrounded the campus, and thousands were detained. They were taken to Chile Stadium, one of dozens of temporary detention centers established throughout Chile.

Jara and the prisoners spent at least four days in the stands. At one point, he asked his companions for a piece of paper and wrote a poem titled “Chile Stadium.”

Another prisoner would later smuggle out the poem. Jara was last seen alive on Sept. 15, when he was pulled out of a line of prisoners who were being transferred out of the stadium.

A week after she had last seen Victor, Joan Turner Jara (his widow) learned that his body had been dumped at a morgue. Among hundreds of corpses, she found his body, the face disfigured.

As Joan also pointed out, “Only foreigners can now afford to play at the stadium”.

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