Two Wakefield Lesbians vs UKIP

Wakefield Lesbians vs UKIP
Wakefield Lesbians vs UKIP

I used to live in Wakefield, West Yorks. It has a bit of a grim reputation even among people who like the place. This photograph was taken in front of the Cathedral in Wakefield after Same Sex Marriage became legal in the UK.

Yup, Wakey came sometimes be a grim place. Its post-war planning appears more of a fun game for architects and planner to practice on; its prison is full of the most seriously nasty of the UK’s offenders. One of the best things I’ve heard said about it is, “It’s quite near Leeds”.

However, friends of mine who were born there and still live there are fond of it and see more in it than a snobby southern interloper. And every so often something like this photo happens. I may also be assuming that the two women are lesbians. It’s possible that they’re both straight and still making a point before heading off to the New Union bar to meet friends.

I got the photo from Twitter via @mrobinson86

“Brilliant reaction by two women in #Wakefield city centre to a lone #UKIP member and his sign. #equalmarriage”

Made me laugh out loud.

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