Tom McMaster and Assad

Tom_McMaster - President Assad couldn't be happier
Tom_McMaster - President Assad couldn't be happier

As someone who blogs now and then, and who also writes fiction, I have been – I was going to say intrigued but I’ll come out with it and say ‘disgusted’ – but not surprised by the sheer selfishness of Tom McMaster.

In case you’ve not been up with the issue, McMaster has pretended to be a Syrian lesbian. He has pretended this to the extent of carrying out a six month Internet relationship with another woman, who he now has to apologise to – but not in the media spotlight.

It’s the media spotlight that Mr McMaster appears to have wanted, initially you believe him purely for his well crafted writing, and then if you believe him to overturn myths of liberal Orientalism.

The man, who conned at least 750,000 people into investing into the life of ‘Syrian woman’ Amina Abdallah Araf al Omari, has now been all over the media apologising that he “got carried away in the moment’ and also apologising ‘if people thought’ that they had been were mislead.

The standard non-apology apology of all conmen caught.

His blog, of course in order to offer this kind of apology, remains live (here). While his blog offers blandishments to the liberal and apologies to anybody who will read, this interview with The Guardian seems to show the real measure of the man who mistook fact for fiction.

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