X Factor
Freaks had some soul.
“It’s a fake festival of musical mediocrity, but not to watch X Factor is a form of self-ostracism”, says Matthew Norman of The Daily Telegraph..

Go away Matthew. Or rather, go away Matthew’s sub-editor because I’d imagine that Mr Norman doesn’t write his own strap lines. That said, Matthew does conclude his pointless analysis (he’s paid for it remember) with:
"For that vast majority of us who prefer Wagner’s Spice Girls cover, for all its monstrosity, to an earlier namesake’s Ring Cycle, there is nothing for it but to sit back, put up with the interminable tears and advert breaks, and enjoy the ride. We are all Cowell’s Children now."

No, no we are not Matthew. Not by a long chalk. I can quite happily spend however long the X-Factor is on for doing many other things (none of which include listening to Wagner’s Ring Cycle). So far this has not excluded me from my colleagues or friends; I’m not ostracised.

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