The Least Honest Piece of TV Ever?

Thought UnprovokedThe video you can see after the break is described as, ‘The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…’.

It shows “the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer… But It Can Be.” Yes, once more Aaron Sorkin manages to tailor more new clothes for the emperor.

This is apparently classifiable as thought provoking stuff. What thoughts, other than, “Isn’t that a speech from Mr Smith Goes to Washington or some other Frank Capra movie and one thing that most nations need is a memory which isn’t drenched in sentimentality?”

Or maybe the thought, “When was this period in American history when the USA public was more informed?”

Have a look and once you demist your eyes and clear that lump in your throat – which will do after you’ve either nodded sagely in agreement or shaken your tiny fists in rage – come back to me.

The most honest piece of television ever? Ever? That kind of hyperbolic short termism is indicative of propaganda rather than honesty. It’s a trick played by a conman, played by many conmen from centuries gone by. The trick is to create a desolation using truths (numbers are always good, you cannot argue with numbers… especially when they are not sourced). Once that is created, you create a Golden Age, usually with Sorkind and other rightish liberals, this is Kennedy’s Camelot, that can be re-attained.

What do we end up with? Simple, “We are still great, it’s just that the Greatness is being hidden! Let’s do this one for the Gipper!”

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