The Club – Best Sports Film Ever

Up There Cazaly
What is the meaning of YOU telling ME how to run the game?!

David Williamson’s The Club could never been made today.

Forget the fact that it’s about Aussie Rules from the old VFL; that it was actually set and filmed in one of the biggest names in that code, Collingwood. Concentrate on the performances and the script.

Concentrate especially on the downfall of Graham Kennedy’s character, Ted Parker. Or there’s the smug dope smoking scene. Or the ‘intellectual’ sports star Geoff Hayward, hated by his teammates until…

Script excerpts such as the one that follows still resonate – now but think “Asians” instead of “New Australians”:

Jock: A marvellous high mark you took last Saturday. You just seemed to go up and up!
Geoff Hayward: Yeah, I felt like Achilles.
Jock: Yes…[laughs] … Who’s he?
Geoff Hayward: A Greek guy who could really jump.
Jock: Ah, yeah yeah. Well some of these new Australians, you know they could be real champions, if they forget about soccer and just learn to assimilate

The Club shows off David Williamson’s writing as well as The Removalists or Corporate Vibes.

Mostly forget all my blather. Tight script, genuine acting, brilliant performances… oh, and Graham Kennedy. One of Australia’s best-kept secrets.

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