Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball of Duty

“Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball War of Duty” in Development

Press Release: LONDON JUNE 21 2011 UK developer, GasheadAuGrrr Games, is proud and excited to announce the exciting news that Zombie Dragon Skirt Ball War of Duty is now in development for all major gaming platforms. An innovative mix of volleyball, the Koreastahn War and Dragon fighting, for the first time ever, Dragon Skirt Ball …

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Fun Phone Calls: #1 “PULL THAT STORY!”

Sometimes people just don’t seem to understand this whole “Communications” aspect of PR/Marketing. Take this example that happened to me this morning regarding a news story and a video game. Aaaw, what a fun phone call: Them:”Pull that story or we won’t pay up!” Me: “Pay what? We don’t take money for editorial and that …

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“Better than Halo”: fanboys, reviews and David Braben

David Braben’s notion of a “Metacritic service for computer game reviewers” caused a bit of a stir across the Internet last week. Not least amongst the various games journalists I follow on Twitter. Personally speaking, I can see both the positives and negatives regarding Braben’s idea – but ultimately I think it raises questions about …

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