“Videogames” is (sic) the story-telling, populist yet also artistic medium of the 21st Century. Or, when in the big leagues, it’s the production of can’t give a shit redeployments of old tat followed rapidly by the redundancies of most of Read the rest

I am a gaming cynic most of the time. Right now video games are going through a mainstream time that mirrors popular music in the early to mid-1970s. Ponderous, cynical, dull with all the good stuff coming up slowly from Read the rest

The NRA tries to talk to the kids.

The National Rifle Association (aka the barmy, right wing, gun lovin’ fellas… aka The NRA) has released a game. It’s called NRA Practice Range. It has guns. Elements of the games media find this hypocritical or somehow ironic.

Not … Read the rest

I write now as a lefty and not as someone whose day job is trying to get people to read the commercial website about video games (‘videogames’) that I edit. Sadly I find myself writing about this sad piece Read the rest

Or how to frighten your staff into thinking that they’re in an abusive relationship…OK, so we asked a video game developer (D) what they were looking forward to in games in 2013 and what games stuff had been interesting in Read the rest

LesterThe Verge is a tech site run by Vox Media in the United States of America. It is launching its games news site called, for some reason, ‘Polygon’. Those are the facts. Now, as ever when it comes to commerce Read the rest

My industry is the video games industry – but I am absolutely certain that what follows (an attempt to flog things masked in heavy-handed irony) occurs in all sorts of other industries. This particular piece of flogging comes from that Read the rest

“Three is the magic number”, the hippies used to say, and in many respects this is true of Shadows of the Damned. Grasshopper Manufacture’s recent action horror title is the product of the combined pedigree of Goichi “Suda51″ Suda (… Read the rest