How do lawyers stay in business? Oh, of course by spurious ‘brand protection’ claims like the one Rockstar Games/Take 2 Interactive have filed. This one is related to a BBC drama called Game Changer, starring Bill Paxton and Daniel Read the rest

GamerGate and other political (but also simultaneously apolitical and objective) organisations have ensured that Men’s Rights (a.k.a Menism) has finally been getting some airtime recently with stories such as, Mad Max: Fury Road enrages Men’s Rights Activists who claim they Read the rest

Let's sell a game

“When it was announced and, like, the first trailer came out… I, er, had a huuuge… erection,” says Peter Serafinowicz of Namco Bandai’s beat-’em-up videogame Dark Souls II on the website of respected UK broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian.

Peter … Read the rest

Clique: a small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them. Deriving from the French: noun ‘Claque’.

1a group of sycophantic followers: the President was surrounded by a claque of scheming bureaucrats

2a group

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Daniel X didn’t mean to write about video games, “It just sort of happened when I was in high school,” he told me over coffee and pretzels one sunny afternoon in Downtown Los New X last month.

“I used to … Read the rest

Today I was going to bang on about how depressed I am feeling. Again and as usual. I was going to post about how terrified I am about everything. But I then read two separate posts by two separate people Read the rest