The flying peopleDear June,

The small, flying people with the big ideas have come back to where I live again. It’s unpleasant watching them, it’s unpleasant hearing them. They are back at the windowsill, my windowsill, and they are trying to get Read the rest

They took Mum off to the Cyborg factory yesterday and I wasn’t even at home to see him go away. I won’t be there when he gets back, fixed, tomorrow.

Mum is now just about six feet tall and smiles … Read the rest

“How did we lose that leverage dearest? Which way are we going to tip the scales? How are we going to capitalise from the bottom of a pit?

“The pit’s a deep one with the emergency services about to arrive. … Read the rest

SiblingsMiss Eliza Kemp’s “Elite” photographic studio on the High Street stood opposite her brother Mr Nicholas Kemp’s portrait painting studio. One Wednesday night in September 1898, Miss Eliza Kemp’s establishment was mysteriously razed by a singular conflagration.

Legend has it … Read the rest