LesterThe Verge is a tech site run by Vox Media in the United States of America. It is launching its games news site called, for some reason, ‘Polygon’. Those are the facts. Now, as ever when it comes to commerce Read the rest

“Three is the magic number”, the hippies used to say, and in many respects this is true of Shadows of the Damned. Grasshopper Manufacture’s recent action horror title is the product of the combined pedigree of Goichi “Suda51″ Suda (… Read the rest

The appalling documentary

Having watched the excellent Fire in Babylon documentary on Friday night, we decided to go with another highly rated doco’. We chose Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica. This proved to be a huge mistake.

Fire in Babylon not only documents its … Read the rest

David Braben’s notion of a “Metacritic service for computer game reviewers” caused a bit of a stir across the Internet last week. Not least amongst the various games journalists I follow on Twitter. Personally speaking, I can see both the … Read the rest