This afternoon 12 people were murdered in Paris. Ten of them were gunned down for creating satire, for lampooning and making jokes. Two of them were policemen. It appears that the magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted because it satirised a Read the rest

Jamie Coots, pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name Church

“God’s appointed time of death trumps everything.” So says, Tabernacle Church of God Pastor Andrew Hamblin.

That’s the genius of faith. It is an ironclad, self-affirming, circular logic. The kind of logic that lead physicist Niels Bohr to state:


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I hear that the relaunched Cosmos TV series has included a little hagiography of Giordano Bruno as a martyr to Copernican science, and I sigh…” Philip Ball

Philip Ball is an author of several books on aspects of science and Read the rest

This is Sydney. Whenever we get confused, hurt or bewildered by twaddle we asked for his perspective to bring clarity and restore order. Today we asked Sydney to bring clarity to the BBC Radio 4 ‘Thought for the Day’ segment.Read the rest

Pastafarians of the world – nay, the universe – it is time to bow down before thy god and bark prayers of submission for here is a photograph of the actual diety!

Yes indeed, our intrepid staff have managed to … Read the rest