2015 Corbyn York  - 31

The Labour leadership election vote is upon us – well some of us – so the time is right for this post about Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to York on August 8th which I attended. It contains a large chunk of Read the rest

Have you been barred from voting in the Labour Party leadership election? Please share your feelings on how it happened, and why you think you’ve been singled out. A very quick post today regarding the Labour Party leadership contest. Following … Read the rest

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by award-winning historian, Anne Applebaum of being a ‘useful idiot’ and swallowing the information (or mis or disinformation) put into play by the heavily Kremlin influenced Russia Today broadcaster. Applebaum has produced Read the rest

Liz Kendall

I’m currently working on a dissertation about British Politics and that Dark Art called ‘spin’. Political Spin is a widely used, but little agreed upon term. Within its mouldy folds are practices such as focus groups and polling. These are Read the rest

New Labour's good influence

Blairite columnists such as the laughably fanatical John Rentoul have been casting stones of supercilious pomposity at the current Labour leadership battle that pits Blair/Brown-spawn of different degrees, Candidate A, Candidate B, and Candidate C, against an older, more left Read the rest

We all love a good documentary, Dig!, Fire in Babylon, Boogie Man – The Lee Atwater Story, because not only do they entertain, they also inform. So, it’s with pleasure that I can offer into this pantheon Read the rest

Monday, and Sydney the cat has discovered colour and new found respect for Alexis Tsipras#cats #Grexit #economics

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Clive Lloyd 1975

It is 40 years this weekend since the first ever cricket World Cup final. A great year for cricket loving me was 1975. The powerful, elegant and smart Windies’ captain Clive Lloyd’s look of “Fuck you South Africa and England,

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