Gene Vincent - Polio and Power

I’ve was nominated by a German friend for something called the ‘7/7 challenge’. For seven days I needed to choose seven tracks to represent seven words or phrases or places, the nominate someone else. On day three I chose Disability.Read the rest

Trombone Heroes

The jazz, reggae and ska trombonist, Rico Rodriguez, died last week. He was 80. This sent DJ Pete Paphides in search of Rico (and specifically The Specials) related tracks to play on his Soho Radio show. I went looking too Read the rest


Belo Horizonte in Brazil has a free music week that we just happened to walk right into the middle of this July. We were fortunate not only to cool off to the jazz in the Praça da Liberdade but also Read the rest

The Pickford Brothers

Due to the good offices and marvellous talents of Ste Pickford of the Pickford Brothers fame, a piece of music that I’ve made is being featured as the soundtrack to the ‘Making Of’ video that you can see below. I

Read the rest

I left some old vinyl in Sydney after I left. Three boxes. From my youth. I left them with my friend John Stevenson. I moved back to England and forgot about my youth and the vinyl.

John, being the excellent … Read the rest