Trombone Heroes

Arise Music Man – Jamaican Independence and the Awesome Album Discovery

The jazz, reggae and ska trombonist, Rico Rodriguez, died last week. He was 80. His sent DJ Pete Paphides in search of Rico (and specifically The Specials) related tracks to play on his Soho Radio show. I went looking too because I certainly recall Rico playing on some Prince Buster tracks and was convinced I had the perfect track to show off with. This search resulted in a revelation.

The Pickford Brothers

My Music – and Plok the Exploding Man

Older readers – readers over the age of 30 probably, rather than readers who’ve been reading this blog for longer than a week – will know Ste and John from Nintendo games such as, well, Plok. Well, Plok is now a comic, and Ste inks it regularly live on Periscope before putting a speeded up version on Youtube. This week, I offered up a soundtrack and he accepted.

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