Star Wars

“TK-421 why aren’t you at your post?”: Why Star Wars isn’t rubbish

I was interested to see broadcaster, writer and champion Blue Peter host wooer, Charlie Brooker, having a wee troll on Twitter regarding Star Wars. Charlie, in a mischievous attempt at entertaining himself by riling the fans of Lucas’ mismanaged baby, decided to play the Stars Wars is rubbish card on the social networking site. It was a fairly transparent trolling but it got me thinking on what I feel about Star Wars – or more specifically the ‚”real” Star Wars, Star Wars pre-1997.

The Club – Best Sports Film Ever

David Williamson’s The Club could never been made today. Forget the fact that it’s about Aussie Rules from the old VFL; that it was actually set and filmed in one of the biggest names in that code, Collingwood. Concentrate on the performances and the script. Concentrate especially on the downfall of Graham Kennedy’s character, Ted […]

Inn of the Damned

Following on from my previous post about the fact you can add “…Of Blood!” to nearly anything and come up with a Cult Movie, I’d like to introduce the equally as good “…Of the Damned!’ with this Aussie ‘classic’ from 1975. The title says most of what you need to know. It’s an inn, it’s […]