An oldie but a goodie as cyborg Granny comes around to ‘play’ with the kids. Some people do see this as the future of family life. These people work in marketing and monetisation.

This video describes a perfect situation for … Read the rest

Bill Hicks - December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994

“You go up to crippled people too, dancing? Come on Ironside… race ya!” so said Bill Hicks once upon a time. That time being before people didn’t constantly invoke his, “It’s just a ride man” schtick.

Bill’s gone and can’t … Read the rest

Let's sell a game

“When it was announced and, like, the first trailer came out… I, er, had a huuuge… erection,” says Peter Serafinowicz of Namco Bandai’s beat-’em-up videogame Dark Souls II on the website of respected UK broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian.

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Today I was going to bang on about how depressed I am feeling. Again and as usual. I was going to post about how terrified I am about everything. But I then read two separate posts by two separate people Read the rest

“Videogames” is (sic) the story-telling, populist yet also artistic medium of the 21st Century. Or, when in the big leagues, it’s the production of can’t give a shit redeployments of old tat followed rapidly by the redundancies of most of Read the rest

I write now as a lefty and not as someone whose day job is trying to get people to read the commercial website about video games (‘videogames’) that I edit. Sadly I find myself writing about this sad piece Read the rest