I know it’s not open yet but this made me laugh inside with tears of organisational desperation at the inability to place a single, simple page saying, “Not yet, idiot, we said 1pm” or something more polite yet as effective.Read the rest

Marcia Williams note

If there is one thing I have tried to keep firmly away from my current work on The Labour Party, Spin and the 1997 and 1966 party machines it’s the controversial relationship between Harold Wilson and his Personal and Political Read the rest

(Please Note: This is an updated and extended post from earlier this month called Corbyn, Wilson and Cheap Propaganda)

The smear campaign currently being run by the bedraggled caravan of Blairite ex-advisors, current apologists, the uninformed and the scared Read the rest


Quick straw poll. I’m working on a dissertation about political Spin. No, despite the current blather about fragmented media, Spin is definitely not dead.1 It is changing to fit its environment. Now, I have a quick question about the Read the rest

Lost Bewildered

You know that feeling when you’ve eaten too many sugary things to make sure you stay awake until the really exciting thing happens so your brain goes a little ‘Off’ and you forget what it was your were actually doing? Read the rest

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In 1982 Tony Blair was put up as the Labour Party candidate to contest the safe Conservative seat of Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire following the death of Sir Ronald Bell MP. Watch now as the spring-heeled, smiley faced young tyro Blair Read the rest

Must Labour Lose Head

The Labour Party is currently at war over its heart, soul, and future. In some cases of dangerous historical rewriting by political commentators, it is also fighting over its past and those of its leadership candidates. So, let us now Read the rest

2015 Corbyn York  - 31

The Labour leadership election vote is upon us – well some of us – so the time is right for this post about Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to York on August 8th which I attended. It contains a large chunk of Read the rest

Have you been barred from voting in the Labour Party leadership election? Please share your feelings on how it happened, and why you think you’ve been singled out. A very quick post today regarding the Labour Party leadership contest. Following … Read the rest

Liz Kendall

I’m currently working on a dissertation about British Politics and that Dark Art called ‘spin’. Political Spin is a widely used, but little agreed upon term. Within its mouldy folds are practices such as focus groups and polling. These are Read the rest