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Ahhhh, Glastonbury. Free thinking, let it all go, interesting music, masses of activities, safe, lovely environment. WHAT A THING! It’s like you can totally let go and feel the wind of change and disruption just blowing up a storm of

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GamerGate and other political (but also simultaneously apolitical and objective) organisations have ensured that Men’s Rights (a.k.a Menism) has finally been getting some airtime recently with stories such as, Mad Max: Fury Road enrages Men’s Rights Activists who claim they Read the rest

It’s come to my attention that, despite its beautiful, strong simplicity, some people still don’t understand the basic rules of Banter (or ‘Bantz’ as The Social Media has decided to call it and who is going to fight against progress?). Read the rest

Daniel X didn’t mean to write about video games, “It just sort of happened when I was in high school,” he told me over coffee and pretzels one sunny afternoon in Downtown Los New X last month.

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"Moscow MOMO Petrovka Detail from Sept 2010"There are some things that you are not supposed to do even on Twitter aka ‘the wild west’, aka ‘the non plus ultra of anything goes social networking’.

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If we don’t stand up to be counted then who will count?

The ‘Gal’ you can see in this picture is not some anonymous lady, this is my grandma. This is Sheila Anne Barkdale. This is the woman who taught … Read the rest

“Ministers were accused last night of deliberately driving poor people out of wealthy inner cities as London councils revealed they were preparing a mass exodus of low-income families from the capital because of coalition benefit cuts.”

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