Gene Vincent - Polio and Power

I’ve was nominated by a German friend for something called the ‘7/7 challenge’. For seven days I needed to choose seven tracks to represent seven words or phrases or places, the nominate someone else. On day three I chose Disability.Read the rest


Last year I wrote about a piece called, On Being Questioned Over the Death of a Child – Part 1 about the death of my daughter Zuzu. It included details about the police presence, the later police interviews, and it Read the rest

I was living in Sydney, Australia the day that my daughter died of a combination of pneumonia, a badly administered anaesthetic following dentistry work and her disability. She died in the room next to mine. I discovered her in the Read the rest

Good old Toby Young. The Spectator columnist and Free School advocate has had some views on inclusion and disability. They were ill thought out and much amended.

The long and short though is that Mr Young feels that nasty Politically … Read the rest