A Kiss is Merely....

The Murdochs in “A Kiss is Merely a Biological Phenomenon”

Rebekah returns, which is a kick in the nuts for the vestige of my belief that the British mainstream media is anything other than so badly damaged it needs to be taken away to the back yard and put out of its misery with a single shot, like a sadly decrepit old police horse that has done its best work.

Heads Up

Brazil and the Religious Kitsch-o-Rama – Video

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic but rejected the teachings early on. One thing I’ve not rejected – and I have tried really my dears – is my fascination with all of the regalia, imagery, paganism forced into the RC idolatry mould and general gorgeous kitchiness of the nasty faith. The room, on the left as you enter the Museu Mineiro is power-packed with images and statues, but also comes with…

Passionate People: Ian Nairn

Heroes of TV: Ian Nairn Ian Nairn – a new hero Ian Nairn was a man who cared deeply about something I enjoy but don’t, unlike him, obsess about: architecture and its relationship to human beings. He was also, like me, a spiritual Northerner. He’d died at the age of 52. During his life he […]