Stand Up for Counting – By Glen Barkdale

An American Fighting Gal
Even back in WW2 the gals loved the flag

If we don’t stand up to be counted then who will count?

The ‘Gal’ you can see in this picture is not some anonymous lady, this is my grandma. This is Sheila Anne Barkdale. This is the woman who taught me about standing up and being counted. I loved that woman and I love that flag. This woman was POOR in money but not poor in ambition. This woman knew the dream!

She went to the photobooth in 1941 and had the black and white you see here taken. She begged and pleaded with her boss to borrow that uniform cos she had the ricketts herself and could not join our Armed Forces (thanks be to God for our men and girls in Our Armed Forces)

She told me that story again and again until it got through to me. She told me that even though her boss said, “No” it never did stop my Grandma. She told me how she (heartbreaking) worked the day and waited that night until her boss had told her to take the uniform for cleaning.

So she did. And on the way, she took this PATRIOTIC photograph that I treasure to this very day, this very hour in which I – with God one side and my Grandma’s beautiful ghost on the other – I write this piece.

Remember, it takes guts to stand up. And it takes real guts to stand up and yell!

If we don’t stand up to be counted then who will count?

God Bless US all.


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