Don't, Just Don't!

Love that Moral Fucking High Ground

"Moscow MOMO Petrovka Detail from Sept 2010"There are some things that you are not supposed to do even on Twitter aka ‘the wild west’, aka ‘the non plus ultra of anything goes social networking’.

One of these things is to argue with someone who has cancer, the second is to debate with someone regarding the causes of religious and (and/or… XOR) ethnic bigotry.

Never arguing with someone who has cancer about cancer is a good rule of thumb. It is true especially if you don’t have cancer. The cancer sufferer may in fact be a total beanbag who believes in homeopathy and that cancer cells are unnatural, even in this case, you are not allowed to argue with them because doing so will result in moral high ground taking.

The moral high ground is always a place with beautiful views the likes of which people who have not taken the moral high ground owing to being bogged down in the changeability of actuality have no chance of appreciating.

The moral high ground enables those who have conquered it and thrust their bright banners into it so that they become wedged in tightly to look into the distance and over the heads of normal people.

It’s a fabulous fucker of a place to look down on every time you can brother, every time you can.

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