Sandal Castle
Sandal Castle
I knock Wakefield quite a lot, but armed with a new camera that I can’t afford given that I’ve realised that my tax and pension are all totally buggered up, it is possible to see some astonishing views.

I went up to Sandal Castle, which I last visited with my SortofExWife and Daughter, Marcus and Amanda in 1996 for fireworks and a general welcome to the world to Daughter who was one or two months old at the time.

This time I took me and I took the new camera that I can’t afford.

I pointed the camera and, as ever, messed with the settings in the way that lucky idiots do, and came up with these.

I hope you enjoy them.

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8 thoughts on “Sandal Castle

      • Ahhh nice. I love number 35, the water droplets.

        The missus and I kept fighting over the 40D, so I picked up a Canon 550D earlier this year. It’s an amazing piece of equipment, although I do miss some of the functions (like the wheel). Lugged it and a few lenses up to the Tatra mountains last week, the pics don’t do the hikes justice unfortunately:

        • Yeah, I looked at reviews of the 550D and realised that (a) I lack the attention to detail required to swap lenses (b) I can’t be arsed to carry lenses.

          I am an utter newcomer to taking photographs. I am constantly amazed by what I end up with.

          When are you coming to this part of the world? I’ve been chasing Liam too and he’s only in Sweden. I’d love to get together.


  1. I find it disingenuous that you continue to pretend your photography is luck when it clearly is not, but will not admit that your Bocci is when vice clearly versa.

  2. @Marcus, seriously. I still don’t understand what an fstop does, how the make the focal length dozit things with the aperture width. I’ve tried and tried but it sounds like, “Blah, blah, numbers, blah, numbers maths, blah”.
    You don’t see the number of photos I trash.
    When it comes to bocci though, that’s simply talent.

    • I remain convinced that the photography is skill. You don’t need to know all the numbers crap… If you do, you end up like those remarkable chaps on the photo forums.
      Bocci… I guess if you actually were lucky, you’d win more often.

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