Passionate People: Ian Nairn

Ian Nairn - a new hero
Ian Nairn – a new hero

Ian Nairn was a man who cared deeply about something I enjoy but don’t, unlike him, obsess about: architecture and its relationship to human beings. He was also, like me, a spiritual Northerner. He’d died at the age of 52.

During his life he married twice. He also used prostitutes, and drank himself to death. He wrote books, magazines and he made TV programs about places and people. Never simply places and never simply people, but how those two things should work with each other.

He didn’t always yearn for the past. He didn’t always worship the modern. He used discernment. He was prepared to make decisions and hold views. He is called a Poet of Place.

To find out more about Ian Nairn in this excellent BBC documentary.

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