No Additional Information

The ‘No Additional Information’ Podcast is Coming

No Additional Information
No Additional Information
I am planning a new podcast. It’s called ‘No Additional Information’. It entails people doing their damnedest to talk about their lives and experiences without providing the listener with any insight whatsoever.

I’m crowdsourcing the 1st show. If that fails I will provide NAI on ‘Parenting a Disabled Kid & Zombies & Boobs’.

As @AN_D_K puts it: “I know a lot about this but I can’t draw any opinion or conclusion from it.”

Only select people are invited. If you want to be select and invited, and you think that your life can provide no insight at all to anybody else, please email [email protected] with your topic, your available dates and your Skype ID.

Please leave a comment. Many thanks.

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