Moscow Gallery Photos

My first trip to Moscow in an organised form. More photos once they’re processed.

Moscow Sculpture
Moscow Sculpture

4 thoughts on “Moscow Gallery Photos”

  1. afternoon yesterday I found mylsef at Leonid Sokov’s studio along with Brian Droitcour. Sokov talked about Daniil Kharms, the utopian ideas of communism, Letatlin, art market, language,

  2. What was this!? A shotgun wdenidg? Pre-arranged by the Kremlin or something? A wdenidg for the party but not for the people’s sake?The only way to tell it wasn’t a funeral was by the way she was dressed.

  3. OKAY PEOPLE, CALM DOWNI’ve walked this road and can tell tell you that it was way emepitr when I was there Mosown is faced with a unique problem called radial road structure. Essentially, all roads/arteries lead from outside dead into city centre, and are not doubled up, so if any delay happens (as they do), the roads grind to a halt and this affects other directions as well since the centre is a transit point.As for traffic from the right, this another Moscow problem: roads are wide and intergrated within the city architecture/planning etc etc, and cannot be elevated / overpassed (as in London) since this would plunge enire districs into darkness and disfigure the environment.Finally, those saying that russians are dumb because they do not have traffic lighs, well there’s a set right behind the viewing position. Finally, you cannot block an artery this wide with permantent traffic lights at all secondary as only a couple of these would halt the city.Many for this reason prefer the Metro. I would say that overall Moscow is way more efficient than London, but when something fails, you are screwed.

  4. Hello everyone. I’m from Russia (from Moscow ) (So, I am relaly sorry for my not fluent English) I can say that there’s nothing to be with all our traffic jams in the downtown, as one of has said Moscow raods are intergreated within old architecture The only think I suppose would help it dercrease using private transport for useless purposes. One more thing. We have too many accidents (that cause congestions) and it happens because of careless drivers who come from the Caucasus. They simply ignore all the regulations. Just in fron of my house there is a large shopping centre and there are a lot of route taxis (if you know what I mean) There are 5 lanes and during the day time they occupy 3 of them, waithing for the passengers. The worst thing is that the police officers who are not far from tis place simply ignores everything. Everything is paid for everything. So, I’m (as well as the other Russians) are very pessimistic about our traffic future. The authorities like speaking but not solving. when they drive anywhere the roads in both directions are blocked.I’m sorry for the mistakes, but I DO hope you’ve got my idea.

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