Moscow – Inside St Basil’s

Moscow 1018

Inside St Basil’s in Red Square. Taken without a flash on the Moscow 2010 trip. Without a flash for two good reasons: First, that I would have been kicked out as I’d not paid the extra 150 roubles to take photos. Second because the flash would certainly have totally destroyed the paint work and it would have been my fault entirely that St Basil’s (like touching Stone Henge) would have fallen down. Okay, sure, the first one takes precedence.

Anyway, this one was taken inside what is a very low-ceilinged cathedral. Frankly, the idea of walking around St Basil’s before electric light; nope, before gaslight, is incredibly evocative. Yes, the thought of it. I meant that. Anyway, St Basil’s, taken illegally. But I did pay to get in. A massive 200 roubles!

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