"Moscow MOMO Petrovka Detail from Sept 2010"
From the yard in front of the Moscow MOMO Petrovka gallery yard.

First batch of pix from Moscow trip in 2010 Рslightly less zoomed detail.  This one was taken on the first day I got to Moscow. I wandered up the road (Petrovka Street) from my hotel and, having passed a superb general store that was packed with meats, cheeses, cakes and pastries, each served from a counter by one or two actual people, I found an art gallery. Turns out it was the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Petrovka Gallery). In its free-to-enter yard was this. Not just this, but a whole lot of other sculptures. A good thing for many reasons, not the least of which was that inside the museum only one floor was open. But I only discovered that later.

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