Lady McMurdoch

Macbeth Ripley Castleq
Macbeth Ripley Castle

I went to see a remarkable production of Macbeth last night at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire by Sprite Productions.

It’s the story of a woman made insane by over-arching ambition for herself and the man who she would first make and then maintain as king. In so doing she destroys the people and the things around her. Oh, The News of the World was also closed yesterday.

As yet Rebekah – Lady McMurdoch – Brook maintains herself in some fortification built up by straw men and maintained by her master. She has already sacrificed the small players, the staff at the NOTW (which will surely be replaced by The SunDay or The Sunday Sun. She’s also sacrificed her previously best friend with Andy Coulson delivering himself to the police today.

She has one supporter or, if David Cameron attempts to protect her, maybe two. And the final insanity is that she may have put a stop to his ambition to own the prize of British Sky Broadcasting.

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