I made Breads #1

Bread - stoneground + plain
Bread - stoneground + plain
I made bread for the first time in ages this weekend. It felt good. It was all by hand.

First one was a basic 1/3 white + 2/3 stoneground. I used olive oil rather than butter and brown sugar rather than caster. I over-kneeded it but it’s not too shabby.

Second one was reverse with the flour and was aimed as a sweeter ‘bread’ so had more sugar. It also used lemon zest, fresh thyme and fresh ginger and was based on Red Stripe beer.

1 thought on “I made Breads #1”

  1. This looks pretty good. I’ve been doing proper cooking for a while now, but as baking looks a bit like alchemy I’ve mostly stayed clear. That said, I’m running enough now that my diet can handle a bit more bread. Might give it a go…

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