Clive Lloyd 1975

How the 1970s Made the World Bigger and More Joyful

Clive Lloyd 1975
Clive Lloyd 1975

It is 40 years this weekend since the first ever cricket World Cup final. A great year for cricket loving me was 1975. The powerful, elegant and smart Windies’ captain Clive Lloyd’s look of “Fuck you South Africa and England, we won it!” in this picture is made all the more fabulous by grinning idiot next to him.

I remember that Windies team and waiting for them to arrive for the 1976 season. My anticipation for their arrival as a 12 year old was consuming the parts of my heart and soul that were not being eaten alive with worry for my father whose stroke and heart attacks had spattered his life and his family since the late 1960s. Dad had been a cricketer, a good one, a wicket keeper whose heroes included the mighty Clyde Walcott (who was the manager of the Windies team in 1976) as well as Everton Weekes and Frank Worrell. Following that World Cup.

1976 was also the year that I first became vaguely aware – via a friend’s dad – of King Tubby and dub.

So, here’s to Sir Clive and that look, and to the genuinely exciting and joyful parts of the 1970s when the world got bigger for me because of the panache, dignity, creativity and grit of the Windies.

This following clip actuall sums up a lot of what was great about that Windies team – and a lot of the sort of hideous, Imperial, racist bullshit that they helped to weaken.

In fact, even you’re not a fan of cricket but enjoy documentaries and politics (especially that of decolonisation) I’d highly the movie Fire in Babylon.

If you want to experience a Dub Master, then this:

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